Animation: The cure of all fears
Animation: Val 2018
Illustration: Photoshop toolbox
Illustration: Foodelicious
Illustration: c/o HOPS magazine
Illustration & design: Henningsson
Illustration: Graphic prints
Illustration: Portraits
Illustration: Plants
Illustration: 100 people – A world portrait
Illustration: Offside magazine
Illustration: Swedish traditions
Illustration: Hair study sketches
Illustration: ドラマーボーイ
Comic: Vax
Graphic design: Sinistra magazine
Graphic design: アキラ
Graphic design: Radioaktivität
Graphic design: Concert posters
Typography: 36 days of type • 2018
Typography: 36 days of type • 2017
Typography: 36 days of type • 2016
Typography: Löwenthal
Typography: Ave